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cupcakes of asexiness!

So [personal profile] nami_roland and I have been making cupcakes. And we helpfully took photos so as to document our amazing creations!

A white plate with a black-ringed rim on which sit three cupcakes. The tops are black, broken up with white and purple spots, and the cupcake cups are purple, white, and black swirled.

Our original goal was to try for cupcakes in the coloration of the asexual flag, so on Monday we made a trip to my local crafts store and found some food dye gel paste stuff in black and purple. On our way there, when we finally found the cake section (SERIOUSLY SO LABYRINTHINE WAS THIS PLACE), we also found the best asexual cupcake cups ever. Seriously.

Two empty stacks of cupcake cups, one upside-down and one right-side up. The upside down one displays a pattern of swirled purple in various shades, including one so dark it looks black and one so dark it looks white. The bottom also has a small picture of a cupcake on it.


(Except today, when we found the other best asexual cupcake cups ever while wandering through the same store so [personal profile] nami_roland could buy some more to take back with her. These I do not have pictures of my own of, so I will have to steal the ones off the website to show you. Also, if you are unfortunate enough to not be able to find the purple ones at your local crafts shop--we got ours from a Hobby Lobby--you could order them here.)

So we determined to make cupcakes! And because, you know, just icing a cake in the flag colors was boring, we thought we'd try to make the flag in cupcake form with layers of dyed batter. First we made the batter for white cake:

A large white mixing bowl with a metal whisk in it resting on top of the off-white cake batter filling the bowl.

We forgot to take more pictures of that stage of the process because it was boring, and also [personal profile] nami_roland did most of that while I sort of ineffectually fluttered around the edges of the kitchen and tried to measure out ingredients.

And then we separated out the batter into littler bowls and dyed it for the stripes.

Two black bowls with white inside surfaces sit on a black countertop. One, on the left, is filled with very dark grey batter while the other has medium-grey batter filling it. In the background is a small bowl of egg yolks.

Yet another white mixing bowl, this time filled with light purple batter. Two hands are edging into the picture, one of which is tapping what appears to be a tiny silver ladle over the bowl to remove excess batter.

I found a tiny ladle, which I have later been told is actually a gravy spoon, and set to work trying to make layers. Whatever it was, it worked really really well; usually I spill a TON making cupcakes and I barely spilled at all this time.

A black counter with a mixing bowl full of white batter, a large box of Goldfish crackers, and a small wicker basket in the shape of a teacup in the background. In the foreground a hand ladles batter into a small metal cupcake pan.

A metal cupcake pan viewed from above filled with cupcake cups. The bottom of each of these cups have been covered with a thin layer of purple batter.

The same cupcake pan as before, but the layer of purple batter has been covered up by a layer of white batter.

Same pan but with a layer of grey batter on top of the white.

The cupcake pan returns, filled almost to the top with the final black layer of batter.

And then it was baking time! They turned out surprisingly well on the outside. Inside, not so much; the black sort of took over the rest of the cupcake.

A close-up of the same cupcakes from earlier with the cupcake wrapper pulled down so you can see the side of the cupcake. The top is black, and thin stripes of grey, white, and purple make up the bottom half of the cupcake. The grey and purple layers are much thicker than the white layer.

The same cupcake cut in half. The black batter has expanded through the center of the cupcake, creating a large black patch. Layers of grey, white, and purple surround the black in roughly that order.

We had (and have) plans to experiment with mixing the layers up a little more so they're less black-heavy and maybe reverse the order of the cupcakes to see what happens. Unfortunately I'm a bit clumsy and managed to drop the entire second tray in the crack between the oven and the door, so we didn't get to see how those would have turned out. The plan is to redo them tomorrow to see if we can't get them looking even nicer.

Hilariously, the roommate I am not yet out to came home after we had finished, noticed the cupcakes, and spent something like twenty minutes gushing over how awesome they were and how we should totally remake them for my birthday. (My birthday plans involve making the Periodic Table in cupcake form with different flavors of cupcake for each of the subfamilies of elements--we're running out of flavor ideas.) I have to say, this idea seriously pleases me!